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Get inspired at our place called The Meetinn. You will have the whole private barn for you and your colleagues, friends or family. We recently rebuilt it using eco friendly materials and as much reclaimed wood as we could find. We installed solar panels on the roof and our floor heating/cooling is fuelled by our heat pump. From every space in the barn you will enjoy beautiful Dutch country side views thanks to our neighbour farmer Bert. On both floors you’ll experience a feeling of luxurious comfort. Upstairs you can get together in our cozy and fully equipped kitchen and in our board rooms with adaptable furniture, making them suited for whatever kind of workshop, meeting or training you need.  Downstairs we have our 4 guest rooms that all come with a private bathroom and a small living. Here you’ll have the comfort of a travertine floor with heating/cooling and feel the magic of being surrounded by natural clay walls. Enjoy your first coffee in the morning sun on your private terrace.


Do you want to know more? Give us a no strings attached call
+31 6-14750306 or send an email We’ll enjoy telling you all about it.

Meetinn LO-RES (72 van 127).jpeg



The Meetinn bv

Poeldijk 8b

3646 AW Waverveen


Note: please do not use Google maps.


With TomTom, Apple Maps or Wayze you will end up at The Meetinn perfectly.

If you still want to use Google Maps:

type in Poeldijk 4 (instead of 8). Once you’ve arrived there you keep the mailboxes on your right hand side and follow the dirt track all the way till the end. You’ll see the house on number 6 first, keep on going until you can’t go any further and you realize you’re on our parking lot. 

See you soon!


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